Snow Days


lawn chair

When a winter storm sweeps across Maine, one that is nasty enough that driving is dangerous, Maine takes a snow day.  Quite civilized, doncha think?

Mainers know a day off from the rigid routine of required places to go and things to do when they see one.  They know they’ve been awarded a snow day before the announcement of school closings, before the municipal governments announce that it is illegal to park a car on the city streets overnight.  They know long before the roll of closings flips across the bottom line of the news programs.

If they have an appointment and feel it is too scary to drive, they simply call and cancel without penalty.  They don’t put themselves in danger even it means missing the only opening with their fave hair stylist for weeks, or their library books are due, or for surgery.   No penalty. No foul.

This means a lot less work for the tow trucks extracting people from ditches they skidded into, less work for the auto body repairs guys, less work for the rescue police.  Roads get plowed more quickly because the plows dodge fewer obstructions.  Life gets back on track sooner with less injury to people and property.

Mainers do not waste the gift of an unexpected day off.  They curl up in front of their fireplace and finish the book, they make soup, they catch up on email, and phone calls, they watch daytime soaps.

Snow days are so built into the culture that schools schedule extra days to plan for unexpected interruptions.  Unneeded days are credited, and the school year finishes ahead of time .

Wouldn’t it be nice if California could schedule Earthquake Days; Florida, Hurricane days; Japan, Tsunami Days?

And, in Maine for a few hours on snow days, the whole outdoors is staged by Currier and Ives.

back deck view2

back deck statue

Back deck left

back deck bench


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11 Responses to Snow Days

  1. Michael says:

    There has been a good amount of that Maine attitude in our little town of Dutch Flat in the Sierras.

    The attitude setter being the one school bus driver.

  2. Colleen Rae says:

    I’ve never been to Maine. Closest was Boston and Whitefield, NH, but I know about ‘snow days.’ Here in MI we have had a lot of snow this winter. The schools plan for ‘snow days’ here too.
    Your photos are lovely. Looks like you are right on the ocean. I once knew a guy from Maine. Bill Briggs. He is a great rock climber/skier and had a hip fused early on which didn’t hold him back one bit.
    My book, “Love Like a River’ has had decent sales thru Got my first royalty check this month. I’m working on my next novel, “Looking for a Waterhole.” It’s about my days dancing in Las Vegas.
    Stay warm and I hope your family crisis is no longer a reality.

  3. Good to hear from you again. The Bay area as you know doen’t have snow. For Angel my lovely wife and I we don’t miss our Canadian Years and those roads. I never remember a Snow day once in Northern Ontario. Fewer People, fewer Cars I guess. South park gets it right with the Square Wheels. LOL. Anyway I have news for ya. I’ll send an Email your way. I drove my RV in for a Smog. The 2008 View hadn’t been driven for a year and a half but used as my Recording Studio and CLUB house everyday.

  4. tanya grove says:

    I’m not sure I’d want to invite nature by brazenly scheduling an earthquake day, but it would be nice to have an occasional sun day so we Californians could enjoy the outdoors rather than spend it inside a climate-controlled building behind a computer screen. But now I just sound spoiled…

  5. David L says:

    Great pictures, Al. I Like the house, looks lived in – comfy and familiar.

    Seems some of us are on a perpetual snow day, and I like the idea unless soaps are an actual requirement. No snow here though, will need to come up with another name for a similar lack of activity. Good to see you are writing again. And with Colleen, stay warm.

  6. Patricia Grace says:

    Remember California? Yesterday the local librarian cut me some slack in a “transaction.” She said the rain made her do it! Hope your muse stays wide awake. What did happen to that groundhog. Good on you and yours.

  7. E C Levine says:

    ‘Maine’ owes me a day off, ’cause Home Depot didn’t get the memo…

  8. karen wittgraf says:

    In Minnesota, especially this year, we have six months of “snow days”. We just had one last week and it is the end of March. The schools also arrange snow days and parents need to find a friend or relative in one of the three towns that include our district for their child to stay (in case roads are so bad that busing is not possible (should the storm arrive during a session). The roads out here in the rural area become suicidal to drive on and landscape is lonely, flat and resembles pictures I’ve seen of Siberia. Along with the snow, we have experienced 20 below zero temperatures and weathermen predict the “windchill factor”, sometimes reaching “feels like” 40 below. Life is on hold, and depending on the winter, not cozy at all. When Spring finally arrives, Minnesotans are deliriously happy. I’m not supposed to be here.

  9. ann weinstein says:

    hi al scrolling thru your blogs….love the photo of the art nouveau lady on the snowy porch
    in maine? with snow intertwined in her tresses…..
    good writing to good friends. on way back to san jose airport side trekked 7 miles to salinas and saw john steinbeck museum….too modern…got to see the exhibits, a video you mentioned ‘travels with charley’. oh, to be 15 again?

    where are you? liz e.
    philly? headed for florida.?

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