The Big Indian

The Big Indian at the corner of Blue Star Highway (Route #1) and South Freeport Road achieved landmark status sometime before my arrival.  People refer to it when giving directions.  Landmark status is achieved when the feature appears on highway signs.

Road sign

The statue is built of plywood, fiberglass, and steel rod and is either 25, 40, 48, or 50 feet tall depending on which website you favor.

You would think all the locals would know the origin and history of something as impressive as the Big Indian.  Not so.  Few I asked could tell me anything.  It took a bit of sleuthing, but I got the story.

Rod Shutt of Strasburg, Pa. built the statue in 1969 and shipped it via flatbed truck, causing traffic jams along the way as traffic slowed to stare. Finally The Big Indian arrived at its permanent site to in front of the Casco Bay Trading Post.  Several businesses have come and gone at that location, the latest being a restaurant, The Conundrum Wine Bistro.

May you look as good as the Big Indian at his age especially after being left out in 44 Maine winters.

OK, OK, so it is a slow news day.  I’ve been away and The Big Indian seemed a good warm up before the blog gets back into the big time.  Tel me, weren’t the pix alone worth sharing.


Near tall


Side tall

side head

On a separate note, Maine has seen the back of me for the last time until next summer.  I’ve been aching to get back on the road, reconnecting with my sprit guides, Serendipity and Spontaneity, as well as my virtual passengers.  And perhaps most of all the unmet friends waiting for me along the way. 





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Writer (of stories, journals, email dialogues), Reader (of books written by friends, recommended by friends, and works-in-progress of friends), Hiker (never met a trailhead I didn't like), Biker (more scenery for the buck than hiking) and lately, Blogger (about my Year on the Road at
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16 Responses to The Big Indian

  1. Karen johnson says:

    So, where are you headed with you spirit guides?


    • allevenson says:

      South until I get warm and west until I find the annual Great Motorhome Cruise-In at Quartzite, AZ. in mid-Jan.

      With stops in Philly, So Jersey, Raleigh, the FL panhandle, and TX. Please alert the media, retrieve the children, and bring in the lawn furniture.

  2. Manny K. says:

    Fabulous pictures. I’m glad that you’re back on the road. Your blogs always brighten my day. Also, they confirm that you’re still alive and kicking.

  3. Anne Fox says:

    I thought about you when I heard about the great Penobscot River project. Anything you’ve had a vision of?

    • allevenson says:

      it is billed as: “The Penobscot River Restoration project is one of the largest, most creative river restoration projects in our nation’s history.” And I wasn’t even notified.

  4. Dennis Greathouse says:

    Al, I have been thinking about you and wondering why no blogs; great to hear from you. Daniel Casagrande, Colima, Colima, MX

  5. Al I agree with the others. Time to “Hit THE ROAD”. Angel and I are staying put but Oct saw us travelling across Canada after a drive to Vancouver. CWC here is great and I am more involved now. I hope Florida is nice this Winter. Enjoy your drive down the coast.

  6. Pat Bean says:

    Reminds me of Big Tex at the Texas State Fair. I just got back to Tucson after two weeks in Texas. I flew into Austin and got a rental car, then drove to Harker Heights an hour north of Austin for a family reunion, then to San Antonio to spend a night with a granddaughter to see her new house, then down to Lake Jackson on the Gulf Coast to see a son and three grandkids, then to Dallas to see a daughter, then back to Harker Heights to spend a night before taking off for home from Austin the next day. In a little economy car, I spent less than $100 on gas, which is why Gypsy Lee stayed in Tucson. Happy travels Al.

  7. Karen Goucher says:

    I agree….where were you….we are still in Florence, Oregon…the longest we have stayed and we
    keep cheating ourselves out of an abundance of mail, bills, stress and holiday season starts north,,,,,,in Vancouver…..nice to run away or keep still rather where you are and not want to move. A first for us as a couple……staying put for a month….decided on a ‘date’ today….nice role
    play made for a good decision making compromise.’

    Karen & Herb

  8. David L says:

    Welcome back to the world of X’s and O’s – As repeated above, we have missed you, your wit, insight, and observations. As to the indian, looks a little like you – not the feathers but the, prominent features..Did you model in an earlier life? Did you have one? Do you know Bridey Murphy?

  9. Colleen Rae says:

    Great photos and a very interesting account of the Indian statue. As far as you resembling the statue, I’d opt for David Ben-Gurion. Similar nose,
    I look foraward to your travel blogs once again. Miss them very much. Bon Voyage, good friend on the road to new and fascinating discoveries.

  10. MaryAnne Catlin says:

    Thank You, Al, for all of your generous sharing! Reading your blogs is like taking a college course in the ‘variety of man and culture in America’. Am not sure which is your best feature; reporting/sleuthing skills, people skills, or prose and language talents……but jes gotta say the merging of it all is an amazing gift to your virtual tagalongs in travel. Great to see the fruits of your labor/gifts again.
    MaryAnne ……….. just might see U at Quartzite in Jan.

  11. Vikki williams says:

    Great to hear your voice again, Al. I have missed your wonderful stories ,too.
    Your old highschool friend, Gene Morita, and I along with 7 others just returned from Burma and so you may have felt you ears burning with old Al stories!! Onward to new adventures and new casts and unexplored venues!!! Vikki

  12. karen wittgraf says:

    First impression in looking at the Big Indian was “He looks familiar”- got it- looks like the late Jack Palance. So glad to know you are writing again as i have missed the blog! Happy travels!

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