The Most Viewed Posts of my Blogs


WordPress is excellent blog software. After a short learning period, I found many of its features to become second nature.  I doubt my blogs would have become so much fun for me and the participants in the Year on the Road and the Year on the Road Again were it not so easy to use.

One of the fun features is the stats.  I get to see how many hits for each post for each day.  Also the total hits on each post over the last 30 or 90 days, the last year, or since day one. In the first days of a post, the hits are mostly from regulars.  Over time however, people doing searches on key words add to the hit stats.

In the first year the most popular post was the one about the National Steinbeck Center (; the second most popular, a set of pix of Sunrise at Amboy Crater (

In the second year, another blog moved to first place.  And odd as it seems to me, it continues get several hits every day.

The sunrise blog is still in 2nd place with 1400+ hits.  Steinbeck has dropped to 6th with over 1000 hits.  But the new most-hit blog far out front with over 2200 hits is The Villages, the Dark Side. (

Why is that?


About allevenson

Writer (of stories, journals, email dialogues), Reader (of books written by friends, recommended by friends, and works-in-progress of friends), Hiker (never met a trailhead I didn't like), Biker (more scenery for the buck than hiking) and lately, Blogger (about my Year on the Road at
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3 Responses to The Most Viewed Posts of my Blogs

  1. David L says:

    How many live in The Villages? And, what else might they do – water plants, play golf? My fav were those about the Bare Assed Book Store – of course I’m a literary man. The others that struck me were the hitchhiker and the guy who lived in the desert but that’s me, no sense of the tourist. I do enjoy them all, Al, and happy to be aboard. “Keep Truckin'” as they say, and reportin’ your findings. I’m a dedicated fan.

  2. Karen Goucher says:

    another dedicated fan… eyes light up when I see something from you in my inbox!

  3. Mark Lawn says:

    All your posts are fun and interesting Al. And an inspiration to me.
    Sail on Bro!

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