Photo Ops II. Dawn/Sunrise/Sunset/and more




Sunset10 sunset11




sunset3 sunset4

Fall colors I left in Maine two months ago are now fading in the Carolinas

Waterway and fall colors

Lonesome tree

tree in water

Something for the birders

Cormorant Pelicans+cormorants

At one point we came to an area where there is a golf course that sprawls across the Intracoastal Waterway.  The tram transports the players. 

cable cars

And, finally, Beaufort, NC trumpets its pride.  The town is charming, but when it comes to cool, I like to see an element of craziness.  By my standard, Madrid, NM; Eureka Springs, AR; and Point Reyes, CA are pretty cool.  

I’ll bet the comments that appear when this is posted nominate a few other towns.  Quartzite anyone?

American's coolest small town



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5 Responses to Photo Ops II. Dawn/Sunrise/Sunset/and more

  1. Dave Bauer says:

    Interesting photos that give a glimpse of the ICW for those who have not traveled it. Thanks for sharing, Al.

  2. zerotosixtyinoneyear says:

    Believe it or not, I was in Eureka Springs, AR last month! Also, Bentonville, Fayeteville, Hot Springs and Little Rock! Did not have cool wheels like you, though. Nice pix, AL. While in Eureka Springs, we got to see wedding preparations at the Crescent Hotel: two brides. Not legally recognized in AR (yet), but beautiful ladies in lovely gowns. Hope you’re keeping well…

  3. Colleen Rae says:

    Great photos, Al. We were in Eureka Springs, AR this summer, barely avoided a tornado, but love the town. It is VERY cool…never been in Beaufort, NC but have been in Beaufort, SC and it is cool, too. Love the photos of the ICW. Thanks and keep ’em coming…

  4. Colleen Rae says:

    If we are listing cool towns in the US, don’t forget Fairfax, CA.

  5. Superb photos. We were in New York for 2 weeks, came back on Saturday. Somehow I took 300
    pics to be vetted, discarded, and edited. Oy vey! BB

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