Jacksonville, Last Stop

We logged extra few miles on several days’ runs setting ourselves up for a short run the final day.  We were glad to have the extra miles in the bank.  We learned of a spot we could only traverse at high tide and nasty weather dictated we avoid the direct route necessitating a safer, but longer twisty route.

Back to the JS by Tuesday night and we’re n the road again Wednesday.

We saw dolphins through the Carolinas and Georgia, but they were all camera shy.

There was a blue heron on the dock last night.  I had in my viewfinder, but the pre-flash frightened him off before the true flash.

So, today I share the last of my trip pix with a few interesting boats.

A container ship around a bend in the river.

Container ship


This sportfsherman is about 90 feet long.Sportfisherman 

A serious transoceanic cruising yacht 

Expedition boat

A pair of grand old ladies built by Trumpy Yachts of Maryland.  As fine a yacht builder as there has ever been in this country.  This pair of 82-footers are beautifully maintained and estimated to be fifty years old. 

82 trumpy

82 trumpy2 





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4 Responses to Jacksonville, Last Stop

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    Oh, so warm and beautiful! Given the weather forecast for the east coast, I’m glad to know you’ll be “safe” on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving, Al.

  2. Dave Bauer says:

    Amazing to me how quickly you are arriving in Jacksonville, Al. Your trip seemed to fly by. As Karen indicated it appears that you may have some bad weather ahead that is associated with the storm Boreas moving up the eastern seaboard. Those two classic yachts built by Trumpy are beautiful to say the least. Looks like a lot of bright work to maintain, however. I had trouble keeping up with the teak on my Pearson 323.

  3. James sibbring says:

    Al, do the words “last stop” have a signification meaning!?!?

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