St Andrews Does Christmas

Panama City in Florida’s Panhandle is on a well-protected bay–its entrance protected by a barrier island.

St. Andrew, (St. Andrews is also an accepted spelling) is a tiny section of Panama City, would like to be a secret not so well kept.  An important port as long ago as the Civil War, it grew, was incorporated in 1908, and annexed by Panama City 1927. Today it has the fragrance of Old Florida, and a band of local artists and conservationist are determined to enhance the charm.

Nowhere are their efforts more evidenced than in the neighborhood Truesdall Park.  Here locals have built simplified structures that suggest area history, and playful sculptures that are aglow with colored lights at Christmas time. 
12Oak hotel = coach, horses


14two houses, colored rings

15Ware mercantile

16m:v tarpon + dolphin


19Dancers ++
20Ice skaters

21indian +deer
23Coach and horses
24Dancers night





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9 Responses to St Andrews Does Christmas

  1. Betty St. John says:

    Happy New Year to you, also! So happy to hear from you.

  2. karen wittgraf says:

    So strange to see Christmas lights with no snow. Be happy you’re not in Minnesota- temp tomorrow morning forecast is -15 with a “windchill factor” of 35 below. May 2014 be a wonderful year for you, Al. I know that you will continue exploring!

  3. Alexa West says:

    If you think St. Andrews does Christmas well, wait until you experience their delightful Mardi Gras! It is the best. . . small-town friendly with a street parade of about 30 floats (including the Sweet Potato Queens from Jacksonville, MS). We love this small town with a big heart. Glad you mentioned one of our all-time favorite Florida towns. We are on our way to spend six weeks in Panama City Beach; but, St. Andrews is the real draw!

  4. David L says:

    What to say. Please stick around and continue to enlighten us with your observations and insight. I doubt I’m alone is this sentiment, but if so, so it be.

    We might want to coordinate a visit to Bella Vista sometime in the spring. We might wander Eureka Springs, eat crab cakes, listen to jazz and drink a good wine – exchange views and experience over the last several years and see how we’ve grown – at least in our view. Good to hear from you and I trust you are writing,outside of this blog. Take care old friend – you appear now and then in my dreams, those that comfort and allow me REM sleep..

  5. Colleen Rae says:

    Great photos, Al. Thanks, and Happy New Year. Looking forward to reading about all the marvelous places you will visit in 2014.

  6. John Chreno says:

    Happy Holidays Al!

    The pics remind that persons with Spanish Heritage usually do not refer to Spanish tree moss in the Anglo way. Rather it is fondly called Pizarro’s Beard. I smiled when you brought those images to your post. Take good care.

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