Morgan’s Wonderland


At the intersection of a self made multimillionaire, a worthwhile project, and personal motivation, something wondrous occurred in San Antonio, Texas.

Sign entrance

In 22 years Gordon Hartman built his home construction and land development business from scratch into the largest in San Antonio.  Then he sold it and in 2005 founded The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, devoted to helping children and adults with special needs.  Gordon and Maggie Hartman are inspired by their daughter Morgan, who was born with cognitive and physical special needs.

 11Sign Morgan's Inspiration TEXT


And Morgan’s Wonderland was born. 

12Hands and butterfly

13sign dedication


14Sign.  Taking fliight

Instead of building a park and then making accommodations for individuals with special needs, Morgan’s Wonderland began by identifying the obstacles special needs people deal with, and then designed the park to overcome those obstacles.




Swings that accommodate wheelchairs

Swings that accommodate wheelchairs




Several chimes and percussion instruments

Several chimes and percussion instruments


Catch ad release fishing

Catch ad release fishing




Pirate's Island

Pirate’s Island





Gyraters and water cannons

Gyraters and water cannons


Train eng1


There are lots of graphics of kids with assistive devices. 

kids Image1


Kid's image2


kid's Image3


Kids image4


kid's image5


6'4" Morgan Hartman and friend

6’4″ Morgan Hartman and friend


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6 Responses to Morgan’s Wonderland

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    How I would love to bring my autistic grandson there! Glad to see that children with disabilities are given credibility. This has to be done as there are more and more children with physical and cognitive delays. Great story! Thanks, Al.

  2. michael Joyce says:

    Giving back. A fine example to us all!

  3. David L says:

    Great idea, commendable gift but who is that dwarf in the last picture? Looks like Al. I’ve heard about aging, collapsing disks and all, but wow …

    Otherwise, this is the sort of thing the one-percent does and we see it often. Who will complain about this honor of, support, and challenge for those particular kids. Many, who have accumulated fortune, turn it to beautiful purpose and I congratulate the Hartmans and others so lovingly directed. But hey, where are the kids?

    You have great heart, Al – whatever your size – and thanks for sharing this warming experience.

  4. Colleen Rae says:

    Thanks, Al for sharing all of the great humanitarian examples of people with big hearts. You always seem to cover the unique and special in life. I love that about your travels and your travel-blog. And thanks for educating me about places I have never been to or seen.

    • allevenson says:

      Colleen, Thanks for the sweet thought. I have appreciated your support for what I find to write about. AL

      *AL * *Ride with me and Lightnin’ **on our Year on the Road at ** or the new blog at* * *

      *Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.

  5. Karen Goucher says:

    WOW!! Heartwarming and so thoughtfully well equipped. Good in the world is showing itself.
    Thanks for sharing it Al.

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