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The Jolly Swag at The Old Boarding House, Madrid, NM

After over 200 postings to A Year on the Road, it is time for a little tweaking:  a little streamlining, perhaps a little sharper focus, and an effort to improve navigation.

The original blog is still intact and can be accessed at A Year on the Road

The blog is still a newsletter to friends and family about the simple days of my life, still a journal—a record on thoughts–of some of the topics that touch my personal warm buttons. 

There is a table of contents page for the new blogs that has a separate link to each post.  To go directly to this page click:https://allevenson2.wordpress.com/table-of-contents/

The original group of readers—passengers aboard the Jolly Swag has grown as I have met people along the way:  RV travelers, denizens of coffee shops, and chance encounters.  About half the readers on any day are surfers—people who’ve key-word-searched something that came up an essay.

The best surprise of the last two year’s worth of the blog is the conversation among the readers posted within the 2000 plus comments–the blog will continue to be a coffee house for the contributions of the blog’s readers.

The year on the road became two.  And now a third is stretching out in front of me.  Thus, the new blog, and new name:  A Year on the Road—Again.

My gypsy life has evolved.   I move ever more slowly—it took over a year to cross the Mississippi.  California is no longer home base, although no new one has been designated.  There may be two:  Maine, where my extended family is clustered, and Florida, a good place to be during the months that this old guy’s blood turns to sludge.

The blog will continue to feature people.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy finding new folks to connect with.  There are quiet heroes who are making a difference without fanfare.  None more special than Sgt. Andy Brandi, PTSD counsellor. And there are people whose lives are so different from my own and most of my collection of friends they are worth remarking about like Roy the Mountain Man, (the first of six essays) or the Bareassed Bookseller.

Look for essays about places, but not the ones that show up in the travel guides or popular magazines: places that are noteworthy locally and unknown in the next county, for example,  The Bone Orchard at Madrid NM.

Sometimes I stumbled on events, wildly popular during their moment in the sun, diminishing with time and distance. The best of these was The Dalton Days of Coffeyville, KS.

The new blog will include some features that will appeal to those who are especially interested in the life of this particular nomad; or writers, of which there are many, who follow the blog; the photos, the maps, and the bucket lists will speak to the RV Wannabes 

One thing will not change–Politics will not be a topic of any posts. 

A Year on the Road—Again will be more of the same, but a little different.




7 Responses to About

  1. David L says:

    Great intro, Mr. L., and I look forward to more of your reflections – life and its living, the people you meet (and undoubtedly influence), your impressions of the “off-road” places you visit, and of course the view from your camera. Some things are simply worth continuing as is. Please don’t make too many changes.

  2. Colleen Rae says:

    Always look forward to your postings, Al. You are the only ‘blog’ I read. Yours both fascinating, educational, compassionate and friendly.

  3. MaryAnne Catlin says:

    Allow me to echo Colleen’s words……your’s truly IS the only blog I’ve read or will probably ever read. I’m drawn to your photographic expertise and the wealth of info you afford the readers and I especially appreciate the integrity of the blog and it’s followers. Living OTR (on the road) half the year in my own ‘little house on wheels’ is sometimes a bit tense and unpredictable but after reading of some of your adventures I’m always encouraged to find the treasure in the day.

    • allevenson says:


      Thanks for the sweet words.

      We were both starting out on our adventures when we first met, unsure what to expect. I remember how open you were to your half-time RVing life. I imagine your travels, like mine, have brought unexpected rewards, pleasures, revelations, insights, and new friends.

      Thanks for tagging along with me via the blogs.


      *AL * *Ride with me and Lightnin’ **on our Year on the Road at **http://allevenson.wordpress.com or the new blog at* *http:allevenson2.wordpress.com *

      *Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.

  4. David L says:

    Good to read your words. Curious about sales job with boat broker. Will have more later.

  5. Colleen Rae says:

    I hope that someone in Al’s family preserves this blog perhaps in a book. Al was a wonderful man and a fine writer. Not only his family will miss him. He will be missed greatly by those of us who loved and respected him .

  6. Colleen Rae says:

    I have recently been writing Haikus and remembering the man who taught me to compose them. It was the irrasable Al, who was multi-talented. We would trade Haikus once upon a time.

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